We’ll continue to fight for a better Ghana despite oppression – Oliver Barker Vormawor

The convener of the Fix The Country movement, Oliver Barker Vormawor, says the movement will continue to press for a better Ghana in spite of the open attacks and oppression especially by government elements.

In his first public address following his release from police custody, he said the movement will not be cowed to abandon its fight for a better Ghana as a result of the intimidations they face.

He said although he was tortured and subjected to inhumane conditions while in police custody, he is emboldened to stay on course to challenge systems that do not auger well for the collective wellbeing and prosperity of Ghanaians.

“They cannot impoverish us and threaten us that if we demand anything different, it means that we want the end of our democracy. We will show Ghanaians not only the urgency but also our patience. The patience of our activity,” he said.

“Our people may have lost their hopes but not their memory of who their real oppressors are. They may have lost their belief but not their will to fight. Now we have a new reason to believe, but not our will to fight. A renewed hope that a new Ghana is possible,” he added.

He further urged members of the movement and the public to persevere and continue to work in “patience and not anger” to win the hearts of others to join in the movement’s campaigns to address challenges they believe have been brought on citizens by the government of the day.

“When you betray the people’s trust, mismanage the economy, steal this country’s riches and make mockery of our cry for justice, it is your fear of your own shadow that will expose you…. We must work with patience and not anger. Some of our harshest critics are going to be members of our own family. We must not lose our temper with them. Perseverance and the course of justice seduces even the most stubborn members of our community eventually,” he stressed.

Oliver was arrested on February 11, 2022, over claims that he had threatened to cause a coup if the government went ahead to pass the controversial Electronic Transaction Levy.

After weeks of litigation, the Tema High Court granted Mr. Barker-Vormawor bail in the sum of GHS 2 million with two sureties after above 35 days in custody.


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