Teenage mothers at Tsiyinu-Afife recieves supports to get back to school

Godwin Adukpo Foundation in partnership with Tsiyinu Students Union reach out to teenage mothers at Tsiyinu-Afife in the Volta Region.

Godwin Atsu Adukpo the founder of Godwin Adukpo Foundations told ShineFms’ Benard Rhussia that; He got touched by the situation at Tsiyinu and realising that in achieving the aims of his Foundation, he will end up solving the problem, he quickly mobilized for support from his colleagues at Tsiyinu Students Union to reach out to these young ones. Tsiyinu Students Union as a native association saw the need to help these girls hence they collaborated with Godwin Adukpo Foundation.

After the forum, the two institutions donated hampers made of several items to all participants. Pregnant girls and teenage mothers were given hampers made of items such as; diapers, detergents, baby cloths, Trolls and soaps etc.

Attendees were overjoyed and expressed their gratitude to Godwin Adukpo Foundation as well as Tsiyinu Students Union for their benevolent work.

The program was graced by not only the youth but parents, elders and some Chiefs of the community.


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