Sokode Communities Goes Red Tomorrow over Portable Water Accessibility

Tomorrow Wednesday, January 27 2021, has been scheduled by residents of Sokode and its adjourning communities to hit the principal street of Ho and Sokode to register their displeasure against the acute water challenge in their various communities  over the years.

The Sokode Communities such as Etoe, Bagble and Gborgame communities over the years have been  facing acute water problem  as efforts to get a possible solution to the problem never seen the light of day till today

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic where constant hand washing is required from citizens to curb the spread of the corona virus, these communities are still finding it very difficult to adhere to this hand-washing safety protocol hence the need to protest.

Meanwhile, the police administration and the Zonal Council have agreed on the modalities of the peace match with regards  to  Covid-19  protocols.

Sokode, Etoe, Bagble and Gborgame are suburbs of the Volta regional capital Ho.


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