Remove billboards on principal streets – NPP directs national election hopefuls

The National Planning Committee of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) National Delegates Conference taking place 15-17 July 2022, has directed all candidates to remove all billboards they have mounted in the capital city, Accra, where the contest takes place.

The NPP leadership, notably the President and elders of the party, are “deeply concerned about the party being portrayed as insensitive to the current economic hardships prevailing in the country,” a senior source at the Presidency told Asaase News.

“A party in government must be particularly alert to images that can suggest profligacy and insensitivity, especially in these difficulties. But, failure to observe the directive, in the common view of the Presidency, must even lead to very severe sanctions, including disqualification,” the senior source added.

The National Planning Committee, in the statement, also cautions all contestants and their respective supporters “not to engage in a campaign of insults and/or name calling, but must rather conduct their campaigns with civility and decorum, as has been the trait of the NPP from time immemorial”.

It added, “Any display of opulence, including, but not limited to, the mounting of billboards is seriously frowned upon and infringing aspirants will be punished accordingly” the press statement read.

“Aspirants are further cautioned to refrain from bastardizing the election process and the systems that have been put in place to ensure a fair and transparent elections”.

The Committee also points out “any aspirant who fails to channel their grievance through this means but rather resorts to denigrating and casting aspersions at the Party or any individual involved in the process within the media space will face disciplinary action in accordance with the Party’s Constitution as well as the Rules and Regulations governing the conduct of the upcoming elections”.

Over all, some 6,000 delegates are expected to vote on Saturday 16 July 2022, to elect the NPP’s national officers for the positions of National Chairmanship, First Vice-Chair, Second Vice-Chair, Third Vice-Chair, General Secretary, National Organiser, National Youth Organiser, National Treasurer, National Women’s Organiser and National Nasara Co-Ordinator.


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