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Police cautioned to remain alert over alleged new plot by secessionists

Police personnel in the Volta Region have been directed to be extra vigilant at their duty points.

According to the Ghana Police Service, it has gathered intelligence of a pending attack on some government officials as well as key national installations.

An internal police communication sighted by Citi News said the service has credible information that the Homeland Study Group Foundation and the Western Togoland Restoration Front have planned to cause chaos in the region in the coming days.

Excerpts of the Volta Regional memo read, “Intelligence indicates militants of Homeland Study Foundation (HSF), as well as Western Togoland restoration front (WTRF), are planning another attack on critical national facilities and government officials.”

“Directs addresses are to monitor the groups and also beef-up security at all vital state installations including police stations. He [IGP] further directs personnel on guard, patrol, barrier, and snap-check duties to be extra vigilant.”

Recent activities of Secessionist groups

Ghanaians on Friday, September 25, 2020, witnessed reports that members of the secessionist groups had blocked some major roads leading into the Volta Region.

They mounted roadblocks on the Juapong–Accra, and Sogakope–Accra main roads.

The roadblocks were subsequently cleared as security agencies took control of the highways and strategic installations within the region.

They also stormed some police stations and attacked officers on duty.

They also attacked the Ho branch of STC and set ablaze a bus belonging to the state company.

The groups want part of Ghana declared as an independent Western Togoland state.

So far, 78 suspected secessionists have been arrested and facing trial in court.

They have been charged, variously, with; treason felony, conspiracy to commit crime, namely, treason felony,  conspiracy to commit crime, namely, participating in a campaign of prohibited organisation namely Western Togoland, conspiracy to commit crime, namely, causing unlawful damage.

Source : Citinewsroom

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