Pilgrims who couldn’t make it to Mecca will get their monies back – Hajj Board

The Ghana Hajj Board has assured that it will refund monies of pilgrims who couldn’t make it to Mecca to perform hajj this year.

Hajj pilgrims

Hajj pilgrims

According to the Board, due to the limit the Saudi Arabian government placed on the pilgrims, some Ghanaians who have paid couldn’t emplane for Mecca.

“Every country is given a quota. Two years ago we had 6,000 pilgrims who were scheduled to travel. Unfortunately, Covid came. We thought it was going to be possible, but that was not possible. The Saudi authorities have a special ministry for Hajj, and they decided that Ghana should be given a quota of 3,069. Under the circumstances, not everybody will be able to go, and as a result of which you are seeing these agitations and discontentment,” he said.

They said the board is working to ensure that the disappointed pilgrims get back their monies in due time.

According to some of the pilgrims, all their passports have been withheld by the Hajj Board, while some alleged their names have been intentionally removed from the final list of travellers.

“They said they cannot find my passport; I am broken, I don’t want to cry but it’s not easy. We were told those who paid in 2019 are going to be among the first passengers but that did not happen.”

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