Ketu South residents join protest against Seven Seas Salt company

Some residents in the Ketu South Municipality are calling on the government and the minerals regulatory body to halt the Seven Seas salt company’s activities in the area.

The residents on Tuesday took to the streets of Denu and Tokor in the Ketu South Municipality to express their grievances, as they noted that, the operations of the company have not been beneficial to them, but rather caused lives to be lost.

The company has been under fire since a mother and her three children, drowned on September 17, after they fell into a pit that the residents say was dug by the Seven Seas Salt Mining Limited.

The Convenor of the protestors, Sylvester Kumawu, said: “We have come to realise that they have secured a permit from the minerals commission to mine salt at Adina and its enclave.”

After approaching the mining company to stop its activities, Mr. Kumawu said, “they didn’t heed the calls of the assembly members.”

“We realised that they have created deep holes to form a dyke and those holes were left uncovered so when it rains, the whole place gets flooded,” he said.

Mr. Kumawu also complained, “Since this company came into being, there has never been a community engagement. Not even a single one.”

Moving forward, Mr. Kumawu said legal action against the company was an option for the community.

Source; Citinewsroom

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