Keta/VR: Stakeholders Join Hands to promote Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

Keta MCE – Emmanuel Gemegah

He said the municipality’s record on covid-19 vaccination is low and appealed to the stakeholders to promote the message of the vaccination drive.

He also called on religious and traditional leaders to assist with the sensitization programs in their various gatherings to curb the menace.

The Volta Regional Acting Health Director Dr. Senanu Dzokoto said measures are underway to stop the covid-19 canker in the entire region.

He said as part of the government’s initiative to promote healthcare delivery, the stakeholders must throw their support to the Ghana Health Service by ensuring that the messages are put across.

Dr. Dzokoto mentioned that the government spends a lot on health services and it is prudent that everyone takes part in the vaccination exercise to curb the virus.

“It’s time to push this virus away. We should not sit and watch covid ruin our dear lives. The only remedy is to get vaccinated. That’s simple and I’m very hopeful that if we all understand the message we put out today, covid will be a thing of the past just as we did for polio”. He narrates.

Dr. Kona mentioned that aside covid, cases of malaria are high in the municipality. He explained that treated mosquito nets were distributed to every household but investigations they conducted showed that many people use the nets for their fishing activities rather.

On covid, he disclosed that from January to September this year, the total number of persons who were tested for covid was 206 of which 129 tested negative, 78 cumulated, 78 recoveries, and 0 death rate.

However, he said a pregnant woman who tested positive died with her unborn baby in October this year.

“This is not helpful. The people refused to take the jabs and they later die eventually. Our target is to vaccinate over 6000 people but as of now, we have over 46000 people who refuse to comply despite our publicity in the media and other handles”. Dr. Kona said.

He also stated that the municipality has a high rate of teenage pregnancy and they are poised to eradicate such menace since it affects the educational growth of children in the municipality.

The medical superintendent of the Keta Municipal Dr. A. Ekuban stressed the need to promote covid vaccination exercises across the municipality to prevent the spread of the disease.

She indicated that the hospital has had a record of people who tested positive for the virus. She added that with the support of Dr. Senanu Dzokoto who is currently the Acting Health Director, the hospital now has a covid testing machine.

She however mentioned a few challenges that the hospital faces. Among them is accommodation for health workers.

Dr. Ekuban explained that her staff does not have rooms available to ease the tension of accommodation for the health workers and thus appealed to the government to support them with some.

She added that the hospital’s generator has broken down and this situation poses a major challenge to healthcare delivery.

“Whenever the main grid goes off, most services come to a halt because we don’t have a power plant to continue smoothly with our work”. She laments.

She, therefore, urged benevolent persons and the Municipal Chief Executive to support the hospital with one.

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