Jerry John Rawlings was not ready to leave power – Prof Kwamena Ahwoi asserts

A former appointee of former President Jerry John Rawlings, Professor Kwamena Ahwoi has said the founder of the opposition National Democratic Congress was a listening head of state during the transition to a constitutional rule but he was never ready to leave power.

According to Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, it took a great deal to convince the then head of state to transit the country into a constitutional rule in 1992.

Mr Rawlings in a recent interview said he does not believe in a constitutional rule.

But Professor Ahwoi said “one thing about Rawlings was that he listens but I think because of his background as a military man even if he agrees with you, he will not tell you I agree with you.”

“He will create the impression that he is sticking to his position but the next day you will see that he comes around to your position, and I think that was good on his part”, he pointed out.

“From our dealings with him, he was not keen of letting go power. It was a great deal of convincing that we were able to transit into a constitutional rule”, Professor Ahwoi said.

“I always give credit to late Justice D F Annan, Kojo Tsikata. I think we should give him [Rawlings] credit for handing over power”, he stressed.

President Rawlings ruled Ghana for 20 years.

He spent 12 years as a military leader and eight years as a civilian leader under the fourth republic.

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