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I’II Win Keta Seat By 51%-NPP Parl Candidate

The New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary candidate for Keta constituency Dr. Benjamin Sena Dzameshie has expressed strong optimism he will win the parliamentary election by 51%.

The candidate who has promised to deliver a committed, dedicated, and development for his constituents says the NDC has failed the people despite describing the area s their stronghold.

Speaking exclusively to Rainbowradioonline.com, he said the outgoing MP, Mr. Quaeshigah has ”not done anything” for the constituents despite being in power for several years.

Dr. Dzameshie said ”the current MP has not done anything. Even when NDC was in power, he failed to initiate any project for the constituents”.

He indicated the NDC demarcated an area to send the UHAS Campus there but they failed to do it.

”But with Nana Akufo-Addo we have seen a lot. The Keta Port is happening live. As we speaking now, the fishing harbour and the Keta Port is ongoing.”

The NDC he said has taken advantage of the people and playing the tribal card.

When asked if he was sure the MP has done nothing for the people he insisted, ”the MP has done nothing for the people”.

He refuted claims that the NDC will win the seat this year because it is their stronghold.

The NPP candidate has promised to allocate 5% of his Common Fund to artisans by providing them with opportunities to transform their lives.

”I know the job of an MP is to formulate laws but you would also have to serve as an advocate for the people. I am going to allocate 5% of my Common Fund for artisans, traders, and people who want to learn a trade. Hairdressers, Kente Weavers, and others would also benefit. This is what we are going to do. A lot of youth are going to get jobs when I am elected as MP. That is what the NPP is about. We want to create opportunities for the youth and the people of Keta. The youth of Keta should have hope and I represent that hope.”

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