Cease the barbaric attacks and aggressive killing by Akyode tribe- Adele residents tell Oti Regional Police Command

The Adele community in the Nkwanta South municipality of the Oti Region has called on the Regional Police command to bring all the perpetrators and accused persons in the shooting incidents that left two dead to ensure peace in the area.

They urged the command to be professional, proactive, diligent and impartial in doing so

According to them, the Nkwanta township has not been peaceful due to the conduct and actions of Akyode youth and their leaders for the past few years.

Speaking in a press conference on recent happenings, the Adeles disclosed that in 2020, the Akyodes clashed with the Challas at Keri leaving several injured and also had another with the Konkobas same year at Bonakye where a life was lost.

They added that in October 2021, Akyodes again had a clash with the Adeles over the usage of Nkwanta JHS “A” school park, a land belonging to Adeles for the celebration of their yam festival.

They said, the matter was referred to the Oti Regional Security Committee (REGSEC) which decided that the Akyodes should not use the said venue for their festival.

RESEC further directed that they could celebrate the festival in any of their Akyod towns but same day, the Akyodes in their attempts to relocate to another venue at the English and Arabic school park had a brutal clash again with the Challas resulting in a number of injuries and burning of motor bikes.

The Adeles further narrated that, on September 28, 2022, some Akyode youth wilding guns and arms went to attack one Mr Gyinteh alias Gidii of Ntrubo tribe over piece of land that he has been cultivating for the past 38 years.

They also recounted that, on September 29, 2022, some Akyode youth attacked some residents of Challas in Nkwanta town without any provocation and in the process, one Nana Sei an Akyode and driver was alleged to have shot and killed a man of Bassari tribe with several others sustaining various degrees of injuries.

“These are all clear-cut indicators of the breach of peace and security in the Nkwanta South, making the entire place not safe and secured for any other persons as no one knows who the next victim would be.” They stated.

The group is therefore calling on the security agencies and President Akuffo Addo to beef up security situation in the area.

They said, appropriate authorities should call the Akyode paramount chief who doubled as the chairman for Oti land commission to order or else any further attempt by any group of people especially the Akyodes to attack their kith and kin will be met squarely with the force at their disposal as guaranteed by law.

Nana Bendre, the Asafuoakye and some youth of Adele also call on the appropriate organs to do thorough investigation into the incidents culminating in the two casualties and in injuries of the six other persons who sustained gunshot wounds.

Speaking with the Municipal Chief Executive (DCE) of the area Hon. Bright Kwame Lenwah, he said, he has given his full support to the security services within the municipality to investigate and bring the culprits to book to face the full rigors of the law.

He therefore called on all ethnic groups and the youth to seize fire and embrace peace as the police do their works.

Source; IGnews

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