Agortime-Ziope MP asks citizens to be security minded

Mr. Charles Agbeve, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Agortime-Ziope Constituency, has called on the citizenry to be security minded, by exhibiting

He also advised them to report suspicious characters in their midst to the security agencies to
avert terrorist attack.

He said terrorist attacks in Benin and the northern part of the Republic of Togo should be
enough signals that terrorist acts were close.

Mr. Agbeve said this in an engagement with the people of Adidokpui, a farming community in
the Agortime-Ziope District of the Volta Region.

He advised them to involve the police when they are organising conventions, funerals,
weddings, among others for them to provide them with security.

Mr. Agbeve said the Government of Ghana has launched the “See Something, Say
Something” campaign to sensitize the public on security consciousness.

The legislator asked the people to check the background of their visitors as most terrorist
camouflaged themselves and carried out their activities unaware.

Citizens should also call the hotline number 999 for help when attacked.

He said the security of the state should be a matter of all, so they must be security minded at
public gatherings since terrorists’ target those places.

Present were Mr. James Gunu, Volta NDC Regional Secretary, Mr. Alfred Odikro, AgortimeZiope Constituency NDC Chairman, Awadada Adzaho Vizaze, Warlord for Ziope Traditional Area, among others.

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