AGENDA 111: President hasn’t promised you Agenda 111 hospital – Ho West DCE to Kpedze residents

The Ho West District Chief Executive (DCE) Hon. Ernest Victor Apau has, for the first time, spoken on the government agenda 111 project impasse in the Ho West when he met with the Kpedze community on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

Responding to the petition during a meeting with the youth and elders of Kpedze, Mr. Apau told the community that, government has been doing a lot of works to elevate the current hospital to a district status which when completed will have a morgue, a theater, laboratory and other ancillary facilities.

He mentioned that, the clinic now has a treated water and a theater which successive governments were not able to do.

The response further noted that, government agenda 111 initiative came barely one and half years ago and does not think the people of Kpedze were promised agenda 111 district hospital by the President.

“President has not promised Agenda 111 the people of Kpedze because the agenda 111 project came barely one and half to two years ago. Even before then, I have been working on the hospital which the President, Regional Minister and all others that I am working under were much aware of” Hon. Apau stated.

He also made it known that, three projects including a laboratory, surgical theatre and treated water installations are underway, which when completed will elevate the facility’s status to that of a hospital.

He further said, renovation works on the buildings are yet to be completed after which the wards will be furnished with hospital beds then it will be commissioned.

“What is left now are the hospital beds and the renovation of the buildings for the facility to be commissioned as hospital”. He said.

Hon. Apau mentioned that, the water situation in Kpedze has been dealt with since they have constructed a borehole that can supply treated water to the hospital should they install the Solar Panel.

On the relocation of the Project Site to Dzolokpuita, the DCE admitted that, the petition from the youth has some qualities which is being fully supported by the chiefs but revealed that, situating the facility at Dzolokpuita could make it more accessible to the entire district since it will be at the center of the district

He noted that, the Ho West and some other Chiefs at one of the districts in the Brong Ahafo wanted the project not to be situated in the district capital but government said the projects should rather be built in the district capital, a central point which is widely known for fair sharing and accessibility by residents across the entire district.

“We asked questions but they said the research conducted by national security has supported that, the project should be at Dzolokpuita despite the great minds put together in the petition by the Youth”

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