A Plus calls for the arrest of man seen in viral video flogging a lady

Kwame A Plus is calling for the arrest of a man who flogged a lady in a viral video.

Videos of a young lady have surfaced on the internet. In one of the videos, she was caught in bed with a man and in another video she was being flogged.

According to social media comments, the lady in the video is a Ghanaian who had an affair with another man which attracted the punishment given to her.

Reports also say the incident occurred in Saudi Arabia and the men who flogged her are leaders of the Ghanaian community in Arab.

Taking to Instagram, A Plus who has condemned mob justice in a recent video, shared the video of the lady being flogged and said they must be dealt with.

“Who knows these guys? Where did this happen? Have they been arrested? This is the kind of mob justice which led to the killing of Captain Mahama, the 90-year-old lady, Akua Danteh and many other. These guys must be dealt with irrespective of where they are,” he said.

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